Horoscope of 17 december 2019

While this is undoubtedly one of your greatest strengths, this can become a weakness if you do not think things through fully. In love, find a partner that shares in your sense of adventure, but is possibly more calculated in their risk taking. A Sagittarius born on December 17 is a material realist.

They aim high but have the maturity to accept failure. Their leadership talent usually shows early.

December 12222 monthly horoscope

Although self-disciplined, they enjoy breaking the rules from time to time. They may be self-conscious about their practical side and keep that aspect hidden from all but those closest to them. December 17 Birthday Horoscope. You stand up for fair play and rights and gain respect and admiration of people around you today. Lucky number 3. Colour deep orange. You are offered an empty canvas to paint your picture so take the opportunity to make a new beginning today.

Gear up for a change or move, which proves to be gainful.

December 17 Zodiac

Love and friendship are a major support. You spend quality time with people who matter. Colour white. This is a time of beginnings and endings as the last piece of the jigsaw fits and completes a picture for you to meditate upon.

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There is peace and resolution in personal and professional situations. News and visitors from overseas can be expected. Celebrate life!

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Colour blue. Relationships need to be assessed and attitudes transformed, as you need more clarity therein. Some business plans may change or be postponed due to lack of funds and availability of material so conserve energy and consolidate forces and resources for now. It's fine to make a compromise in an ongoing conflict and understand another person's point of view but don't cave in and betray your own truth to gain approval of others.

Rewards of this kind of compromise leave a bitter taste. Beware of over indulgence. Lucky number 6.

Sagittarius Horoscope - Major Life Changes to expect!

Colour pinks. Your hidden potential is likely to manifest in creative projects. Forget about making headlines or being in the limelight as working behind the scenes is more gainful and satisfying today. Relationships are relaxed and easy and reflect your inner state of peace. Lucky number 8. Colour red. You feel unburdened and happy today. You find interesting ways to express your creativity and emotions. A new opportunity expands your vision and horizon.

Meditation and spiritual pursuit are elevating. Beware of sudden reactions from unexpected people. Lucky number 5.

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Colour greens. There is a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction in established and loving relationships and friendships.

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