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Keep reading. So, Taurus, huh? As we all know, Tauruses are really down to earth, but sometimes too much. Taurus is also the sign that I associate with the typical high school boy. Shoutout to all male Taureans reading this.

Again, not unknown but Tauruses are big cash lovers. Feels like tasting my own medicine as a Scorpio… Taureans being closed off can be compared to the Aries being closed off. I mostly post like saturn in capricorn and so on which is part of my own birthchart and that I know things of. But oh well,life is a challenge :D haha. If you also have these signs then give it a like or comments if you think I was right or wrong and why so I can learn more about your signs. Aries: The seriousness of adulthood crashes on the shores of children. How easily youth reminds us not to take things seriously.

Taurus: What worked for someone else may not work for you. The taxonomy of human problem solving is endlessly complicated, but susceptible to practice. Gemini: Do not be discouraged when a new student blows past your level of expertise. Stay confident and full of a desire for revenge.

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And its only con-artistry if a judge gets involved. Virgo: Brazen stubbornness cannot be stopped, but it can be aimed. Someone who simply bashes their head through walls should be paired with someone who can guide them.

Cleverness is good, but sometimes you just have to kill a motherfucker with your bare hands. Ophiuchus: Due to an unfortunate philosophical development, the only moral choice a human can make now is to become a furry. Sagittarius: Everyone has to let their guard down eventually. With patience and persistence, that pie will go into that face. Capricorn: A rhythm is important, yes perhaps necessary, but you need to be willing to put in the work to maintain that rhythm. The world is a jam session and you must groove. Pisces: Any activity is improved by coziness. Do anything you can to ensure that you are cozy.

The pursuit of cozy might as well be the meaning of life.


Aries: A city in the center of a great river. The bridges long destroyed, the hanging gardens overgrown. An ancient and forbidden place.

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Taurus: Whats left of the old college. Taken by a summer flood and frozen in place when winter came. The basement library is still preserved under the ice. Gemini: The prison ghetto. Eventually the slave ships stopped coming and the town overtook these hopeless stone walls. Cursed stone re-purposed into homes, basking in the light. Cancer: A secluded, but stately manor. Iron gates still closed and sealed shut.

The home within the walls is a burned husk. The garden flourishes in the ash.

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Leo: A village left seemingly abandoned. The trees are all barren and fruitless. The sun seems dimmer here. Virgo: The dry caldera. Spires of a great forge still jut from the rock at an odd angles, like the masts of a sinking ship. Ore flues clogged with stone cool as the spring air. Libra: The remains of an aqueduct.

Pillars of stone and masonry dotting the fields of wildflowers. Nobody can remember where they got the water from, or where it went.

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