Virgo weekly 3 to 9 tarot february 2020

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If there are any kinks in your relationship with your children, this is the year Saturn will expose them and offer you an opportunity to make things right. Family expansion is possible for you this year thanks to Jupiter moving through your 4th House of Home and Family until December 2.

Virgo, The End Of Disappointment & Struggle!! Nov 3 - Nov 9 Weekly Guidance

With Jupiter here, there is yet another possible indication of a baby on the way for some. For others, this is about upsizing your living situation in a way that makes you truly happy. Whether it's moving to a new and more peaceful home or having someone move in with you, the end result will be a sense of joy. Your relationship with family will also improve and enjoy support this year, and that's always a blessing.

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Finances will begin to stabilize after March 6, much to your relief. Uranus has been in your 8th House of Other People's Resources since March , bringing plenty of ups and downs in your partner's income as well as with your investments and debt. Once Uranus leaves this part of your chart for good, you'll begin to see things calm down here. You might even suddenly pay off a large chunk of debt or receive a financial windfall.

Virgo tarot january 17 2020

After March 6 Uranus will move into your 9th House of Higher Mind, and suddenly you might find yourself going back to school to study for an advanced degree or making plans to travel more in order to soak up new cultures and life experiences. But flexibility, open-mindedness, compromise or minor adjustments will keep a healthy relationship on track.

This is a good time for creative work and trying new techniques or a different approach, especially if you have been experiencing a creative block. Thursday to Sunday you gain a clearer understanding of what you really want in life. You will probably be feeling optimistic about your future but also be realistic about your situation and what you can actually do.

2020 Virgo Horoscope: A Stable And Calm Year Ahead

This gives the self-confidence and determination to turn your dreams into reality. An elder may share with you their spiritual wisdom, or a younger person may come to you for spiritual guidance. The Six of Pentacles is often a sign of a turn for the better, particularly with regard to money. It speaks of equality, fairness, and the cyclical nature of life. When this card appears, you are likely to be heading into a positive cycle.

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  6. The Six of Pentacles is often a card about generosity, meaning that you are either about to be the beneficiary or the giver of something with value. The trine gives willpower, courage, convinced actions, activity, clarity, open-mindedness, adventurous spirit and voraciousness. Your actions are predominant emotional and passionate at the moment.

    Inhibitions and tension might appear concerning love matters. Some family problems could occur. A deficiency of this energy causes increased susceptibility to disease and other ailments — in particular towards gynaecological diseases.

    Virgo Weekly Horoscope 4 - 10 November, 12222

    When the Moon enters into the sign of Virgo it appears a phase of critical approach and analysis. During such a phase critical awareness is on the stage and reliability and responsibility is set in the focus.

    The trine between the moon and Uranus gives high awareness, persuasiveness, ambitious structures in mind and genuineness. New paths are becoming explored; new methods are tested - On career level it comprised prosperous development. The square let you behave quarrelsomely and act prematurely. It does not make a difference whether you are male or female - it could arise some trouble with each other. Extravagance and wastage concerning financial matters are accompanied by passionate and delicate moves.